forge a stream of keys
letters sent to distant lands is a quick, anyonymous git host, like a pastebin for small repositories under 10MB. Pushes and deletes are limited to your SSH key and repos aren't publicly indexed.

$ git remote add ninja $(curl -F "k=<$HOME/.ssh/"
$ git push ninja master

Pushing will print links and a deletion command for you.

Here's how to try from scratch with a fresh key:

$ ssh-keygen -f ~/.ssh/
$ git remote add ninja $(curl -F "k=<$HOME/.ssh/"
$ GIT_SSH_COMMAND='ssh -i ~/.ssh/' git push ninja master

If you add these aliases to your ~/.gitconfig:

ninja = !git remote add ninja $(curl -F "k=<$HOME/.ssh/"
ninja-here = !git init && git add . && git commit -m 'Initial commit' && git ninja && git push ninja master

You can share repos or everything in your current directory in a flash:

$ git ninja && git push ninja master  # Set up and push the current repo
$ git ninja-here                      # Instantly upload your current directory

Contact: @angrson on Twitter, or the name of this site at angerson dot org